Latino Forum of New Orleans

The Latino Forum is a coalition working together that promotes the rights of Latinos in the greater New Orleans area through service delivery, community education, and advocacy.

The Latino Forum, which has been meeting since August 2006, is a network of people that work in, or would like to work in, Latin American communities in the Greater New Orleans area.   It aims to promote equity by strengthening the voice of Latinos in Louisiana and by building alliances between diverse individuals, communities, and organizations.

Thus far, the Latino Forum has served as a great place to meet others working on similar issues, share important information, and collaborate.  The Latino Forum is working to increase the coordination of existing services to the Latin American community and address issues as they arise.

Originally begun to discuss the needs of Latin Americans after Hurricane Katrina, the group continues to meet once a month, on Fridays, to discuss a wide array of issues affecting these communities, including health care, public safety, immigration issues, human rights, language access, disaster preparedness, economic justice, culture, and education. The Forum has also coordinated focus groups about emergency preparedness, worked closely with the Language Access Coalition on improving language services in the area, and published information about events and services on its blog site.

Largely composed of representatives from various community organizations and non-profits at the current time, the Latino Forum welcomes new participants, both individuals and organizations, to attend meetings or otherwise contribute ideas and insight.

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