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Imagine that you are the mother of a child whose spleen just ruptured. You rush your child to the emergency room only to be unable to communicate the desperate situation to the doctors.

Imagine that you are an immigrant detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents unable to communicate that you must contact your family at home.

Imagine that you are suddenly arrested by the police, who gives you your Miranda rights in a foreign language. Furthermore, you do not have any idea why you are detained. You cannot communicate with the lawyer assigned to your case and cannot testify in your own defense.

Imagine that your child keeps bringing home letters from school summoning you to a parent teacher meeting, but you are unable to read them because they are in a foreing language to you.

Imagine that you are in New Orleans on August 28, 2005. The entire city is evacuating, but all available news about where to go or what to do is in English-a foreign language to you. If you do find your way out of the city safely, how do you navigate through the English-only paperwork? What if your family somehow got separated? How do you contact them?

Thousands Limited English Proficient people including Vietnamese and Hispanics do not have to imagine. For them, this is their reality.

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2016 LLAC Biennial Conference: Access to Cultural and Linguistic Appropriate Services to Achieve Equity

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